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Why NerdPeople?

As one of Europe’s leading agencies, we have been developing apps since their inception and were early adaptors into native programming. With over 150 apps under our belt and offices across three continents, we have the expertise and global outreach you need to make any project fly.

How we work with app development

iOS App development

An enthusiastic team of iOS and Android app developers build fully functional native mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.

With fully adapted UI, seamless functionality and striking designs, our FIRST CLASS app development ensures maximum impact for your business.

Hybrid app development

If you need a shorter development cycle or a fast, first version of a fully functioning app across the main platforms, this might be the ideal choice.

We use the latest technologies – like Facebook’s React Native or Ionic, to bridge the gap across platforms – giving you apps that are both IOS and Android covered simultaneously.

Fast prototyping

Rapid prototyping fast tracks your project from dream to reality. We use tools ranging from simple sketches of the product interface to dynamic interactive models, saving you money and giving you ‘something to show’ remarkably fast. In a competitive marketplace where speed is of the essence, this can mean the difference between success or failure.

How we work with app development

User interface Design

Digital designers with years of experience and deep knowledge of mobile interfaces will be the designers of your screens and user experience.


With our teams of dedicated developers, we can build anything digital, on any mobile platform, and integrate it into any existing systems.


Publishing your apps on the right platform and ensuring the right audience is key. We help you through the pitfalls of launch, including creating your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, to make sure your new baby is ready to fly.

Monitoring and maintenance

Optimising apps is not only a matter of getting the right audience to use it. We add analytics to all apps so we can monitor user flow and customer behaviour, allowing us to continually hone each app into the perfect product.

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Vladyslav Gamalii,
iOS Developer