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Want your story to be remembered?

Every message shown in motion gets twice the exposure, three times the excitement and five times the success of its competitors. Over 70% of online users claim to watch videos at least once a week. The simple truth is that most people are visual, and video content is the easiest to digest and relate to.
On top of this, video production is a wildly creative arena, limited only by the scope of your imagination and resources. A dream canvas for any brand.
You can paint any picture, animate it and call it real… and for the viewer, it will be.

You need video content if ...

  • Give your brand a face and a voice
  • Add extra SEO value
  • Boost conversion on your marketing campaings
  • Share a lot of information concisely, without overloading the visitor
  • Get more instant exposure and engagement
  • Tell your story in the most compelling and emotional way
  • Showcase your product or service in dynamics
  • Go viral

How we create videos:

At NerdPeople, we try to create content that will captivate from the first frame and resonate long after fade out. Gorgeous aesthetics, fresh narratives and an avoidance of clichés are what set our films apart. We work closely with you during production to deliver the most personalised content possible, always with an eye to your audience and giving your brand that extra edge

What we'll be happy to do for you:

  • Ad films and promos
  • Education and instruction videos
  • Interviews
  • Product guides and manuals
  • Nonprofit and charity videos
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Motion graphics

Sometimes a fresh design is all it takes to spark a dramatic increase in sales.


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