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The challenge

The modern healthcare system is in crisis. Currently 50% of people fail to follow their treatment plans after visiting their doctor; 25% never even pick up their medicine. This is by far the greatest obstacle the system faces, with non-adherence and non-compliance costing an estimated 300 Billion Dollars a year and causing 125.000 deaths annually, in the US alone.

Despite WhatsApp and online communication being a global standard, no one has yet digitised the doctor-patient relationship successfully or managed to address this problem. There is also no effective system in place for patients to share feedback with their doctor while undergoing treatment – feedback that in some cases could save lives.

Our approach

Appotek had a vision for a 360 degree digital healthcare system that would address all these issues and become the go-to product for patients, doctors and hospitals globally. It was a massively ambitious project and required all of our top experts: a turnkey solution we would build from scratch, then deploy as a full business, ready to launch.

The first step was defining the needs of Appotek’s core customer groups through extensive market research. This was followed by digital strategy, analysing which platforms the clients were present on and in what format, and finally designing the product suites themselves based on our findings.

The solution

We knew we needed to keep the patient at the centre, as this was where most balls were dropped in the healthcare treatment cycle. Ensuring the patient was easy to reach, always had the right information and never missed a treatment, were paramount. These requirements instantly defined the need for a solution that could run on mobile devices. So we developed frontend clients on all mobile platforms and apps available on mobile phones, tablets and wearable devices.

For the doctors, we needed a tool that was as close to their normal work-environment as possible, so for them we built mobile apps for mobile and tablets as well as a doctor portal on the web.

Supporting all this behind the scenes was a first class cloud-based system, where user identities were encrypted with blockchain technology and face recognition based on AI.

It is the most advanced and dynamic treatment platform in the world to date and we are very proud of the result. Development began in 2015 and 4 years after our first meeting we launched the first public offering of the Appotek product suite, with a complete roll-out of the remaining products slated for Spring 2019. It is the most advanced and dynamic treatment platform in the world to date and we are very proud of the result.

The adventure continues with Appotek, and we are currently developing an AI diagnosis platform as an extension to their offering, as well as using AI to optimise treatments and planning.

“Appotek is a gamechanger in healthcare. It is like when iTunes came and digitised the music industry. In a few years, we will look back and say:

“How did we live without it?”

We take your business exactly where it needs to go.

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