Facebook live

John Doe March 11, 2019
10 Reasons to Nerd Up Your Facebook for Business With Live Videos It’s no secret that social media is big these days. We mean, BIG--as a marketing channel. Not doing Facebook for business at all means missing out on a giant pool of opportunities, and not doing it right means self-consciously cutting off the audience...

The 2018 stories that shaped BLOCKCHAIN in HEALTHCARE

Rasmus Gustavsen February 3, 2019

Re-posted from @hashedhealth on Medium Welcome to 2019! As we think about our community’s 2019 goals and objectives in the healthcare blockchain space, I find it helps to reflect on the important and influential news of 2018. In this list, I have done my best to include projects and announcements that I consider real or indicative of…

Great UX and mistakes to avoid on your website

Rasmus Gustavsen January 30, 2019

Have you ever seen how blunders on sites even of cool companies minimized the usability of the website and spoiled the impression of the company? For sure yes. But don’t rush to think that you should not be afraid of glaring mistakes. Even if you have a great team of designers and developers, you are…

NerdPeople is Ready for GDPR

Rasmus Gustavsen

Over the last few months, GDPR has grown to become one of the primary concerns of businesses in the EU, and a word of the mouth across the globe. Following a series of gargantuan scandals around data leakage involving such media giants as Facebook, the issue has been escalated to touch upon the interests of…

What is affiliate marketing?

John Doe

Do you dream to get hundreds or even thousands of new customers without making efforts? Do you want to make money even while you sleep? It’s possible if you can convey the value of any product to the audience. Perhaps affiliate marketing was made just for you! Any online business can bring great passive income….